10 ring show in Croton, CT

Damn Yankees Cat Club is holding a 10 ring show on September 10. & 11. 2011 in Croton, Conneticut. This is the next show we are planning to attend.  Please come along if you would like to see some honeys.

Show details:

Judging Saturday:
Darrah AB, Goltzer AB, Abelson AB, Zinck AB, Webb SP
Judging Sunday:
Hutzler AB, Roy AB, Watson AB, Veach AB, Rivard SP

entry clerk: Shirly Peet

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About shotokutonkinese

I've had cats all my life. All kinds of cats, domestic and pedigree. My involvement in the cat fancy started with breeding Siamese in the 1960's, but only became serious around 1970. Then, in the mid-Seventies, I chose to focus on Tonkinese, a naturally occurring fusion from Thailand that also gave us the Burmese breed. In 1979, I chartered Tonkinese Breed Association and led the march to bring Tonkinese to National recognition from 1978-79 to 1984, when the breed was finally granted Championship status in The Cat Fanciers' Association. Showing my cats and breeding the best gave me a lot of satisfaction for several years, but I decided that it was more important to revive interest in the cinnamon-gene Tonks- the Honeys and Fawns- which seemed to be disappearing in the competition for awards. While others concentrated on the Platinums, I worked with Champagnes until finally, about six years ago, a baby called Uno (Wyccats 1singulrsensashn of Shotoku) popped up in the litter of a friend to whom I'd given a lovely female. Uno was different from all my current Champagnes, so I had him DNA-tested at UCDavis. Uno was carrying the cinnamon gene! He was the foundation cat for the Honeys and (hopefully, soon) Fawns now happily running around my home and making beautiful babies. The Honeys were dropped from Championship status by the Tonkinese breed Council in the early Nineties, when a clique of controlling breeders decided to limit Tonk colors to Natural, Blue, Champagne and Platinum. I am working with a minority of other breeders to reinstate Honeys establish Fawns to Championship status in CFA. hope you'll enjoy meeting all my "kids" and coming along with us for the ride!

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