Now that I’m semi-retired after breeding cats since the early ‘seventies, my focus has narrowed. I’ve done the campaign tours, the big cattery, the multiple litters of kittens, the club activities (with attendant physical and mental strain). My concentration now is on the cinnamon-gene cats, Honeys and Fawns; and Champagnes. The cinnamon gene has been inherent in the breed since their earliest incarnation. Honey was accepted for competition for many years before a small group of breeders decided it did not conform to the basic Siamese colors as The Cat Fanciers’ Association designates them. Fawn is the dilute of Honey. My goal is to see Honey and Fawn removed from Any Other Variety status to competetive status in CFA. Champagnes are my cinnamon carriers, and dear to my heart, as well. It is rare that I will sell a Honey or Fawn as a pet: most go to interested and supportive breeders- or stay right here. Available pets are usually Champagne Mink, Point, or Solid kittens. I live with my cats; they live with me. In my opinion, a superb show cat must also be a super pet, and that’s how my kittens are raised. We are also an FelV and FIV-negative household.


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