Breeder of Tonkinese cats of outstanding temperament, specializing in the colors honey, fawn and champagne

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Cute Kittens

“Cute Kittens” Tonks for sale: 2 boys (Champagne Point & Champagne Mink) and 2 girls (Champagne Point & Champagne Solid) will be ready to go to their forever homes the first week in December, at age 4 months. These are the kittens featured in the Animal Planet segment to be aired February 15. All are pet/breeder quality and carry Cinnamon. If you’re interested, please contact me privately via email. Continue reading

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New Homes

Chico is joining a new family in upstate New York next week! He should fit right in with a lovely couple and their three cats, including a pair of moggies named Midget and Big Man, and a Tonk named Hazel.  What a great new home!

Henry is now Rocky, after the Rocky movies, and he’s already responding to his new name. Three kids- Emma, Julie and Paulie- should keep Rocky on his toes! He’ll be moving in with them in a couple of weeks, and to say they’re excited would be an understatement.

Hurray for Chickie and Rocky!


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